Balinesis Galvin Klein ("Vinou")


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 Balinesis Galvin Klein                                  



Galvin was the third kitten at birth and I waited for him a long time after the first kittens! Kiddy took more time that for her first litter... but she must have been more tired also since she began to give birth in the midst of the night.

Funnily Galvin was the biggest kitten at first (born with 111g while the others were born with 75g-95g) but then he fell behind all his littermates because he had some difficulties at first to feed from his mum. Since the very first day he's been the only kitten I had to bottle-feed and yet he was still the tiniest! But I didn't worry about him because I believed he had tiny bones compared to the others, so it was no big surprise that he wasn't as heavy as his brothers/sisters! For that matter I chose to name his Galvin Klein - mostly for his small size (the word "klein" means "little" in German)!


Galvin was born with already such a nice type, something that tells that he's gonna be VERY handsome. He's the most "extreme" in type for the moment but as we know that kittens development can be surprising sometimes I am  just happy that he's gained weight after two days and everyday since then, and that he's doing super fine!


Galvin is a red tabby point kitten:)


(Written in March 2011)


Updates 2012


Galvin attended the WW Show in Poland with me last October 2011 and I was very proud that he was nominated and on the podium:-) To read about this trip >> click here


Galvin was neutered last March 19, 2012 as we found out that he has a heart defect (which is harmless, his life is not threatened for the time being but it was better to decide to not breed him). To read more about how I handle health issues >> click  here


Surgery went perfecltly fine (thank you Dr B.) and since then my Baby-Vinou has been living as a happy, spoilt and pampered cat ^^

To read the article >> click here



September 2012

Galvin's heart condition has progressed and he is now under medication.
Thank you Dr Summerfield for all the explanations and for helping me manage Vinou's heart issues.

To read the article >> click here








Vinou and me



Vinou 22092012 -2


Galvin's funny sleeping positions :-)




Vinou lying next to me - my big purring baby boy:)

18 months



Vinou (4)


1,5 year






1 year and 4 months




Vinou 15012012





10 months






9 months



Vinou 02 11 2011

Soon 8 months, short after the WW Show in Poznan

Galvin was nominated in the Junior Class!























4 months old



Vinou_003.jpg  Vinou_004.jpg































16,5 weeks



Balinesis Galvin Klein 001


Galvin15 weeks




















3 months






12 weeks




















2 months old





















54 days old





















6,5 weeks






5,5 weeks




Galvin-26j--2-.jpg   Galvin--1--copie-1.jpg


26 days (left) and 30 days (right)





Galvin--0-.jpg  Galvin--1-.jpg

                                                                           Galvin, 3 weeks old -- has to "fight" to eat (see the marks on his nose and head...!)




Galvin 16 jours (2)   Galvin-16-jours--1-.jpg


16 days






15 days



Male 1 (7)                              Galvin.jpg


                                           9 days                                                                                                                          14 days





Galvin-copie-1.jpg3 days



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