Balinesis Golden Apple ("Pomme")


Siamese Lilac Tortie Point 

d.o.b: March 7, 2011

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Sire: Okonor Timur

Dame: Hello Kiddy of Noah's Ark














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Pomme is also one of Kiddy's beautiful daughters (second litter).




At birth when I looked at her face I thought of an "apple"... don't ask me why... she somehow just looked like "un trognon de pomme". I'm telling this because it happens quite often that people are surprised about her name and ask me about it! No everything has and needs an explanation, right? :-)


In this litter there were three girls, two of which were variants (i.e. they carry a copy of the LH gene): Grace Anatomy and Pomme (Gina who is a shorthair siamese lives at my friend  Céline).


Since this litter was born I've had a big crush for Grace and she was my favorite, not because she had the "wow factor" but for she definitely had the "fall me me factor" ;-) But breeding implies that making your heart and mind work together and it was more relevant to keep Pomme as she had a better head. Grace was beyond question the most elegant of all in this litter and she had an amazing and long profile. But her eyeshape was less good than Pomme's who has more the almond shape. Anyway I had to make a choice because I was already keeping Galvin also. At first he was supposed to go somewhere else but as I discovered he might develop a heart problem later I decided to keep him (and not only because of that - I must confess it would have been quite impossible for me to part with my little Nutella-lover boy ;-) !).


Well I chose to keep Pomme because I love torties (as they can have red/cream babies, who are very often the best in type among a litter - again don't ask me why: I don't know... but all breeders can tell you this! Red/cream and tortie kittens very often are the bests! It's some kind of genetic unfairness I guess).

And usually in my litters there always are two kittens who are purring, cuddling and like teddy bears that I'd rather they found nice suitable loving homes (first litter: Fighter & French Touch / second litter: Grace & Pote), which they did.


It makes it easier for cats to stay in a breeding programme when they don't need attention 24hrs a day because in a cattery you have less time for each cat especially when some females are nursing and that you have to pay more attention to them than to the rest of the group. Of course as I try to keep the number of my cats limited and small I still have enough time for each of my cats, and it's all the more possible that I have the chance to spend quite a lot of time at home with them.


Besides what helped me make my final decision was that Grace started to call at 4 months of age. It was way too early for a girl that was supposed to grow up among other cats including entire males. Grace and Pote (Gray Charles) were sold as pets -neutered- and I'm perfectly happy with that! They now live in Switzerland with Céline & Cédric.


Back to Pomme now. Poor Pomme... looks like she was a second choice. Well that's not true at all as she was maybe even the best girl among that litter. It's just I was sad to let Grace leave because I was really attached to her. During a few weeks I even considered keeping both girls (+ Galvin: yes I'm crazy).


Pomme is a very nice young female. She could be more muscular but like Vinou she finds it better to only eat and sleep... much funnier than run and exercise :-)

She has a quite large ears that are nicely set on the head. Her eyes are beautiful especially for a lilac - usually diluted cats have a less deep blue eyecolour than the seal point cats from what I've observed.


Pomme isn't small nor big and I hope that her babies can be a little bigger than her. Actually I imported from Sweden Galak (Vildbacken's Vurdalak) especially for her, even if Kiddy mated with him first (mostly because he's my only available male at the moment and that I didn't want to go for external service for Kiddy's third litter >> go to Kiddy's third litter page here). They are quite different in type but I'm pretty sure the combination will give beautiful babies:-)




Galak & Pomme, end of March 2012



Let's keep our fingers crossed than Pomme soon becomes a mother too!


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Edited: November 24th, Pomme now lives with Hellie 30 minutes from here with Lucie & her family



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