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High Hopes aka Floyd is the second balinese boys in this litter.

Whereas usually in variant/LH litters variants are prone to be the best in type (as well as the reds and torties compared to the others), this time I feel like saying Kiddy's four litter is the exception that proves the rule ;-) And I'm very glad that both bali boys has such lovely types!


The only thing that bothers me a bit in heterogenous litters (I'm talking about the type, only that) is there's usually one kitten that looks more stunning than the others, and the bad consequence of that is usually the others ones then look nothing special, while it is certainly not true in absolute terms.

I can stay honest by saying that if I had to choose between Hermès and Floyd, it wouldn't be an easy choice. Of course Hermès is a stunner but I like Floyd just as equally. I like different qualities in both of them. Hermès' head is impressive with big and nicely set ears while Floyd's head is thiner and his profile is a bit better (longer and straighter). I like Floyd's body the most in this litter, he looks very well-balanced to me and I love his coat that is more close-lying that Hermès'.

In short I would say that regarding the morphology pattern Hermès looks English while Floyd looks American. But unlike most American cats Floyd doesn't have big and rounded eyes, they are more almond-shaped which is a good thing.

All in all I think that Hermes would be the best show cat while Floyd would be the best breeder, I think that he would give more homogeneous litters with kittens of more or less the same breeding quality. This of course remains my personal opinion.


Then depending on everyone's breeding plans, Hermès or Floyd would fit the most.
For example if I were looking for a boy to be Poppy's fiancé, I would preferably choose Floyd because Hope has almost perfect ears (for my taste) and he could help improve her profile (which is not bad, but less good than his maybe). If I were looking for a boy to be Woki's fiancé, then I would very certainly choose Hermès, because Woki has a long and straght profile already, with nice ears, that could benefit from a lower setting on the head, and Hermès would be the best to improve that point.
Anyway all these are only theorical examples, because both Poppy, Woki, Hermès and Floyd have the same daddy, so it wouldn't be my first choice to do that kind of matings because they are all too closely related to each other.

Floyd will join a cattery and be part of a breeding programme. I'm pretty sure he can add to the breed.
I am a bit sad I can't keep him nor Hermès, I would have loved too, but there are mostly two mains reasons that makes that unlikely to happen: first I have no girl for them, secondly I have many cats already and I want to keep offspring from other females than exclusively my foundation queen, i.e. Kiddy.












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