Gina's unique litter - June 25, 2012










Ejiro Divine Madness*PL JW x Balinesis Gina Ricci


Gina (1)-copie-1





  Bill, OSH red spotted tabby x   Gina, siamese seal torbie point


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Litter of seven kittens born on June 25, 2012 between 10 and 12 a.m.


I am Gina's breeder and I am raising this litter for my dear friend Céline

Gina came back on June 9th, she was supposed to stay here with her kittens for a while. Sadly a tiny OSH red boy crossed the Rainbow Bridge after only 3 days, and it was a tragedy when Gina died during surgery (a chest drain was needed and she didn't have enough strength to bear the anesthesia).


>> To read the  story of Gina and the difficult start of her babies after we lost her, click here


Gina's and Bill's kittens will be registered under Céline's cattery name, "Dreamland's"



Dreamland's Hello Beautiful ("Belle"), siamese lilac (?) torbie pt girl  

Dreamland's Hypnotik Kilauea ("Kaila"), oriental red ticked tabby girl  

Dreamland's Hotter than Hell ("Hellie"), siamese cream/red tabby point girl  

Dreamland's Hey Jude ("Yoda"), siamese blue pt boy 

Dreamland's Hello Sunshine ("Sunny"), oriental red ticked tabby boy

Dreamland's Hero of the Day ("Hero"), siamese cream/red tabby pt boy (AVAILABLE/DISPONIBLE)



>> Click on the kittens names to access their personnal galleries!



About the names


Céline suggested "Hey Jude" (The Beattles), Hotter than Hell (Kiss) and "Hello Sunshine" that I use for two boys and one girl, the future owner of the OSH girl chose to name her "Hypnotik Kilauea" (after a the name of an active volcano in Hawaï) and last I looked for two extra names, chosen after songs "Hello Beautiful" (Vic Mignogna), "Hero of the Day" (Metallica).







Yoda & Sunny 16w4d-2


Yoda and Sunny at 16 weeks & 4 days




Kittens at 11,5 weeks




Belle & Hellie, 73 days



9w Hellie & Belle (1)


Hellie & Belle, at 9 weeks





Hellie & Hero, almost 9 weeks



8,5 week old kittens


8,5-week old kittens





55d-kittens--1-.jpg8 weeks tomorrow




53d Boys & Kaila (1)


Morning kittens at 7,5 weeks




KIttens at 53 days





Hellie, Sunny, Yoda & Kaila





Yoda & Sunny at 52 days




Hero & Belle at 52 days



52d Girls (2)


Girls at 52 days





Yoda & Sunny at 50 days





Hero & Hellie at 50 days





Belle and Kaila at 50 days





Kittens at 6,5 weeks



Kittens (3)


Kamasutra , helping me to take care of Gina's legacy



1w (2)


Gina and her 1-week old babies






Gina watching over her tiny OSH male who was dying...





Gina and her newborn babies

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