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Before Fasty's kittens were born I already had in mind two boy names as I had mistaken some girls in Kiddy third litter for boys and already came up with some names that sounded nice to me!


As Fasty has two boys, one balinese and one variant, I chose to name "Harry" the balinese as it sounds a little bit like "hairy" :-) So the variant boy is named Harvey Davidon and it suits him well as I can recognize him from the sound of his voice ^^


Harvey Davidson of course because like I explained two weeks ago I love motorbikes (sitting on the back and feeling the sensation of speed ;-)) even if I don't drive myself (even cars...).


Harvey was 113g at birth and spent his first night with his Mom and his littermates at the hospital under the care of such devoted vets ;-)


It took him several days before reaching again his birth weight and I was a little bit worried about him but he also reminded me of my Galvin "Klein" who was the biggest kitten at birth and then the smallest until weaning began! So now I know it's not dramatic if a kitten seems a bit small at first and compared with his siblings, as long as he looks in good condition there's no need to worry!


Today as I'm starting this new page he now is 1 week (it's April 11, 2am in the morning) and weigh around 150g like the two other kittens.

I think he's a cream/red point and as these are some of my favorite colours I'm quite happy. Especially because Kiddy as for her didn't give me any male kitten this  time (so no red/cream kitten).






Almost 5 months



Harvey (1)-copie-1


4 months





Almost 3 months

Harvey 8w (6)


8 weeks




At 6 weeks





At 5 weeks


Harvey 30d (5)Harvey-30d--3-.jpg

At 30 days





At 4 weeks old



At 27 days




At 3 weeks




















At 15 days






2 weeks old




Harvey-11d--2-.jpgAt 11 days  




At ten days






At 5 days old






Newborn Harvey, short after I took him home from the clinic together with Fasty and the other kittens


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