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 Kiddy 07072011



Date of birth : 10/05/2009

Sire : GIC. Ozzcar Cia of Noah's Ark
Dame : Luthien Tinuviel of Noah's Ark

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Kiddy ("Hello Kiddy of Noah's Ark") is the Queen among the cats, she rules everyone.

The idea of beginning to breed cats had gone through my mind since Daïsuki joined me, then I decided to make it come true without rushing anything.

 My researches conducted me all the way to Germany, to Angelika Kneifel's cattery: Noah's Ark.
I saw a picture of the litter Angelika just had with Luthien (Kiddy's mom) and I contacted her, she then gave me news quite often and sent me plenty of little Hello Kiddy's pictures.

Here is she at 3,5 weeks with her bright look:

Kiddy is a little siamese variant and she's a blue tortie tabby point girl.
She has a blue grey body with an "M" pattern on the head. The body markings have a whirled and swirled pattern with wider stripes while the legs and tail are more heavily barred and the pattern is variable with respect to the width of the bands.
Her being tortie gives her cute blotches mark cream on the ears and the paw peds, it's utterly irresistible!
Torties are known to have be very special-tempered (siamese females are stubborn and exclusive enough as they are!). For the moment all I can tell is I find Kiddy adorable even if she puts on airs. She's a girl, right?

Kiddy is 4,5 weeks on this picture. She has a well-shaped head with a low ears placement. I love her confident look:-)

I love this picture with the rays of sun: it gives wonderful colors. The tabbies marks are now quite visible on her forehead.

She is on this picture 5,5 weeks. Isn't she just beautiful?

Kiddy was born on May 10, 2009 at Angelika's.
I visited Angelika and her cats for the very first time in July 2009 before coming back a month later to cat-nap my little Kiddy.
Here are the pictures taken at 8 weeks. Kittens are taking a nap with Daddy-Ozzcar (chocolate point siamese variant male and their Granny Festus). On the second picture Kiddy is next to Mommy-Luthien (seal tortie tabby point balinese, a color I like as much as the blue tortie tabby, who is a diluted color of it):

Angelika has a professional photographer pictures done the day I came and picked up Kiddy.

Feivel is adopted, Redd stays at Claudia 

Here are they the three of them together with Molly who was born from an earlier combination

Again some pictures: she sure is beautiful my little Kiddy!

Kiddy with some MC kittens :-)

After a successful (but also tiring for the kittens) photos session, Angelika brought the kittens home and a little while after I came to take Kiddy home with me.
Daddy-Ozzcar and Granny-Festus worried a little but I told them I would take really good care of Kiddy!

And our appartment felt like a home immediatly to Kiddy on August the 12th, 2009, but Daïsuki wasn't very happy at first to have a new friend, he felt she was an intruder as  he was used to being an only-cat!

Here is Miss Kiddy in her new surroundings:

                                    ... and here, with Suki's toy: HELLO KITTY :-)

Fortunately Kiddy and Suki are two wonderful kittens and it only took them a few days to get used to each other, bury the hatchet and make the perfect couple!

Suki left us in December 2010 as it had become unbearable for him to live among many other cats.

Kiddy is still my little princess and she makes me proud all the time. She's a wonderful mother and she even raised a kitten that wasn't her (Galenka).

Kiddy 07072011
Kiddy last July 2011


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