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Sunny was born right after Kaila and he has the same pattern, he is an oriental red ticked tabby. He weighed 102g at birth and at almost 7 weeks he is quite a big boy (738g at 47 days), which is great!!


His name was chosen after a song, Hello Sunshine, as Céline and I both thought it would be a good idea to give this litter a "theme": songs that start with an H. In France we aren't allowed to choose name with any first letter, each year a letter has its letter and 2012 is the H year... So like most of the other kittens he has a nickname, "Sunny" is indeed shorter and easier to pronounce :-)


Sunny is still a big baby boy at the moment, he uses the kitten toilet and eat solid food of course, but he belongs to the group of three that are a bit more calm (or lazy??), he doesn't know how to jump of the kitten-garden so most of his time is devoted to eating and sleeping, which probably explains why he is so big already  ;-)


Sunny will join a friend cattery and I am very glad to let them have him, as he definitely is one of the kittens with the best type in this litter! He has a very very nice head and first and foremost his pattern is just amazing... for sure he's a great-looking boy, awwwwesome! I am pretty sure he will do very well during cat shows:-)





Sunny and Yoda (16 weeks and 4 days) with Harvey





79 days





72 days




9 weeks







8,5 weeks





8 weeks





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7 weeks 





47 days





6 weeks and 2 days old



Red ticked (1)


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1 month



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