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Hellie was the sixth kitten at birth, she was born before Hero who arrived one hour after her, I thought she was the last one! Neither Céline or I had taken Gina to do an X-ray before it was due date so we could only guess from her huge belly that she would have a big litter but didn't know for sure how many.


Her name was suggested by Céline (a Kiss song).


Hellie was the smallest kitten at first, she weighed "only" 90g, which is still a good number for a siamese kitten. From the start she was my favorite because I always have a soft spot for the weakest kitten! At almost seven weeks she starts to become more typy again. She's nothing extreme but I like her slender body and her sweet expression. I bet she's going to be a very elegant female. 


Hellie and Hero, together with Kaila, are very active and clever kittens, they were the first to jump and run everywhere in the nursery. She reminds me of both French Touch (Kiddy's first litter) and Grace Anatomy (Kiddy's second litter).

Hellie has a good breeding quality, but she can also join a family as a pet. We will see later, there is no rush, they are still young and I was told that after nine weeks is a good time to look again at the kittens' types.





16 weeks & 4 days



Hellie 12,5w (1)


12,5 weeks





79 days





72 days




65 days





9 weeks






8,5 weeks




7,5 weeks




52 days



50 days







7 weeks




47 days





6,5 weeks



Cream tabby point girl (1)


5 weeks


Cream tabby point Girl (1)


1 month



13d (1)-copie-2


13 days


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