Kiddy's first litter - June 11, 2010






Kiddy's and Sokrates' kittens are born on June, 11th between 11p.m and midnight.

We were very impressed by Kiddy, she was very brave, and it was only her first litter.
She gave birth to six big kittens (90 - 99g) sadly we lost the last one at three days...

I now take it for granted that breeding sometimes is very hard. The first litter is besides always very special I guess for all breeders... And sometimes, we have to let it go because Nature tells us to.

Luckily, Kiddy has been great since the beginning.
She has enough milk to feed all her kittens - and the kittens are always very very hungry, especially the girls!
There are two girls and three boys, in white, blue, lilac and maybe other colors. I don't know the patterns (tabby / non tabby, tortie for the girl...) and length of the coat yet (balinese or siamese), but they all gain significant weight so that's all good news :)

It was a mating between two variants, so in the litter there can be: balinese, siamese or variant siamese kittens.


To read the whole story, click on the links:

- The "making of" Kiddy's first litter

- The D-Day



The parents:


Hello Kiddy of Noah's Ark, siamese variant blue torbie point

& Sokrates von Tamangur, siamese variant foreign white (Dr. Mirjam Kessler, cattery of Blue Moon, cf links)



P1000918                            X       Sokrates.jpg



picture courtesy of Dr. Mirjam Kessler



2 girls & 4 boys


Balinesis Fast and Furious (girl), siamese variant chocolate tortie point, stays with us

Balinesis French Touch (girl), siamese variant lilac tortie tabby point, lives in Geneva with Fighter

Balinesis Friday Night Fever (boy), siamese variant cream tabby point, lives in Switzerland

Balinesis Flint Eastwood (boy), balinese foreign white, stays with us

Balinesis Fighter in the Wind (boy), siamese variant foreign white, lives in Geneva with French Touch

Balinesis Forget Me Not (dead), his funeral urn rest in our living room













left: Kiddy and her two foreign white boys, Fighter (in the back) and Flint, soon 13 weeks - right: Friday Night Fever

Fast en entier


Fasty soon 13 weeks



















Friday and Fasty 8,5 weeks




Flint 8,5 weeks



Flint & Mom

Flint at 7 weeks with Mommy




Friday at 1 month




The whole litter, 4 weeks




Flint, 26 days




Kittens are 3 weeks!




Boy 3


Friday & Fast and Furious at 12 days




Kittens at 11 days



Kiddy et ses chatons presques 6 jours

Kiddy and her 6-day old kittens




Kiddy, one day before the kittens arrived...


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