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January 2013


Hi, I'm Lily and I'm a 6-year old :-)


My friends know I collect those so sometimes when they go on trips they bring me back new ones :-)


I don't let my cats play with my favorite ones, otherwise they just end up destroying them! Sometimes I give them names ;-) (yes this girl is totally nuts! *I love my self-mockery*)






Framboise, my Pink Poddle Dog from UK 

She even has a song "C'est moi Framboise, le chien de gaaaarde, qui resseeeemble à un mouton tout roseee..."





Foxie, brought back from Sweden (when I went there to take Galak, the daddy of many of my 2012 litters)



A fennec that can meow
Brought back from the US

Doesn't have a nickname





Hello Kitty Plush (Dolphin)

Brought back from Orlando



TOYS 20130123 200620


My giant green Turtle from Orlando

Doesn't have a nickname either




My super Teddy Bear
Brought back from London





My Hello Kitty Geisha Doll,

Brought back from Kyoto





Brought back from Doha,

Doesn't have a nickname yet
Dunno what kind of animal that may be in the first place!





Ribellu & Ivanhoe





Céline's gift while I was in the hospital (Spring 2013)




And many more to come...
I started this page just for fun and I luuuuv' it!


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