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SEPTEMBER 2012 --- N EW SECTION-- it is still very much under construction...




Why this new section?

After one month break from FB I reactivated my account a few days ago and was happy to be able to share some pics from last week-end with my family and friends... but not so much to have been forced to the new Timeline.

A friend wrote that I would soon get used to it, to which I answered:


"I understand how Timeline works but I just don't like it, the new look is a mess (really hate the two columns design) and now FB feels like transparency instead of intimacy. Old posts that were buried by time resurface and your past in only a few clicks away... Of course FB has always been a "social" network, it is no big news that all information published can eventually go public, and I have to acknoledge that I somehow gave up on my right to privacy the day I signed up. But FB doesn't have the same policy at all that it used to have, it's like I signed up to something and then the rules changed without prior notice. I have edited my privacy settings maaaany times before already and I'm starting to get real' tired of redoing them on FB foundor’s every whim. But I'll get used to it like you said... or will eventually leave the game. By the way I came back two days ago mostly because I wanted to share last week-end pictures with my family and friends (private album), which has always been the main reason for my being on FB (so FB still has its use, I'm not criticizing all of it :-) ). Then I started to add people from the cat fancy on some breeders' advice... but finally stopped when I understood there are so many of them. I figured I would instead allow people who aren't in my friends list to see (+ like & comment, for those who have at least one friend in common) all pics and posts related to the cats."

It's ironic how Timeline gave me the idea of starting those new pages afterwards because there are cherished memories than I don't want to ever forget. For that matter I will bring them back together here, I will try and recollect all big events that happened in my life since I took in my first cat. I get nostalgic at times and when I do I dive into the past and go back to old pictures/souvenirs of things that are important to me and that I assumed were lost.


I hope you will enjoy your journey here with me and my beloved companions!



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