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Pomme was the first kitten born, and at the beginning to set the kittens apart we put around her neck a green little scrunchie: that's how her nickname was found, we began to call her "Pomme" ("Apple" in French) and now her official name is Golden Apple.


Pomme has something special on her face, she always sticks out her tongue and loves to sleep on her back... which is sometimes frightening because during the first days I always feared she might be dead... Anyway Pomme's still here with us, doing great. She's just a little clown that likes to joke!


For the moment, we think Pomme is a lilac based kitten, we don't know whether she's tabby or not, and she might also be tortie as Kiddy her mother is a tortie female.




Pomme 004


  Pomme 002Pomme 001













17 weeks


  Pomme_002.jpgPomme 001-copie-3

















14 weeks






Pomme, soon 14 weeks



















3 months





10,5 weeks





54 days


















6,5 weeks



Pomme--1--copie-1.jpg   Pomme--2-.jpg


30 days



Pomme (1)   Pomme-21j.jpg


3 weeks old



Golden-Apple-2-weeks--2-.jpg    Pomme.jpg


2 weeks


Pomme 2Female 3 (3)(Pomme)















                                  2 days                                                                                                                                      9 days


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