The D-Day






Kiddy, near the end of her pregnancy...



On Friday, 11th June, everything seemed quiet until 10.30 p.m. Then Kiddy called me to tell me her water had started to break. Half an hour later, she was in labor and the first baby was born at 10.53 p.m. Believe it or not, the whole labor only lasted one hour and a half, including the water break, since at 00.04a.m., Kiddy had already gave birth to her six babies!


She was very calm and intensely focused on her newborn babies. Maternal instinct came from I don't know where, and it was highly emotional to see her take care of the kittens. She cut all the umbilical cords, didn't eat any placenta, licked and cleaned everyone and wasn't stressed at all by my being here. I think she wanted me to be near her, and it' was like deep inside her heart, she knew that she could trust me and that I'd help her with the kittens. It has been very touching ever since to share this particular thing with her ("motherhood!")


I would like to thank Celine (Dreamlands) who helped me over the phone so that I wouldn't faint during the deliveries, Angelika who was abroad for a cat show and who supported me over the Facebook chat. 


It was a tiring day, and nevertheless, I couldn't go to bed after that: I stayed with Kiddy and the babies all night, watching them with so much love...



Newborn kittens - day 1


Now there are almost two weeks (tomorrow night) and they are doing fine.
Unfortunately, we lost one kitten at the age of three day. It was a real tragedy for us, we couldn't save him... I will tell his story later. Even if he's not with us anymore, I wanted to give him a name: "Forget Me Not".(second head from the left, in front, on the picture).... May you rest in peace, sweetie, we will always love you...


Anyway, we are thrilled with this first litter.

We are looking forward to their further development!

Even if they don't move much yet, we can already notice some characteristics: the girls are real warriors and do have a survival instinct. When it's time to drink milk, they fight to get to their favorite teat! I think it's unsual, but in this litter, girls are the biggest. I have to help the poor little boys find the in this hard world!


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