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This a a special kitten as she's the only girl among only boys!! It is funny that time Kiddy only had girls (cf Kiddy's third litter) and that this time it's pretty much the opposite (4 boys & 1 girl).

I chose to name her Hinach Yafa following  Céline's suggestion (Céline has stopped breeding a few months ago), after the song of Idan Raichel (an Israeli singer song-writer and musician). Hinach Yafa means "You are beautiful" which is a lovely name for a girl ;-)






At first I mistook Yafa and her brother Hudson for two longhaired kittens. Turned out they 'only' carry the LH gene once but not twice (which is mandatory to be a LH kitten).

Yafa is as sharp as Hudson, always curious of everything, mischievous and very quick-acting. Most pictures I take of her are blurry because she doesn't make it an easy challenge to get a better result, she won't allow me to make some beautiful pics as she never remain motionless... only after she falls asleep!

As a tortie kitten she has a strong personnality and you can't be bored with her around! She'll always find something to make you smile or even laugh ;-)


Yafa is available as a pet or can be a breeder in a small cattery.




11 weeks





68 days






60 days, together with Hadley





8,5 weeks





55 days







50 days



SIA seal tortie 5w5d (2)


35 days



Female 12d (1)


12 days



Female 2d


2 days


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