Year 2012







YEAR 2012


March 24th: Kiddy's third litter is born, there are four girls, three BAL and one variant!




Kiddy and her 4-day old babies



April 4th: Fasty's last litter is born (C-section), there are 3 kittens (1 siamese variant boy, 1 balinese boy & 1 balinese girl)



22d Fasty and all her babies

Fasty and her 3-week old babies (+ Gabrielle from her previous litter)


Spring 2012


March 29, 2012


Some of my cats at home - March 2012




June 2012


Gina came back, my friend Céline trusted me with her and her forthcoming litter


articles-blog 0205


Gina, a picture taken short after she arrived at Dreamland's in July 2011



July 7th: Harry leaves the cattery.


He now lives at a friend and is the new stud of the house! Thank you Delphine for taking great care of Harry!!


Harry July 2012 (1)


Harry in his new home!



July 13th


1) Hayleigh Lujah and Fasty left to their new home

They live with Marie & Régis and their daughter Sarah 20 minutes from here!


Hosanna & Fasty 001


Picture I took on Sept. 7th when I went to visit the girls!


2) Gina crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Her babies were younger than 3 weeks old and it was a real tragedy... ;-(

We miss you, Darling... RIP Gina-Fifille.
We miss you so much.........



1w (2)


Gina and her 1-week old kittens

She is SO lovely and was a great mom!


August 2012



Vinou & Pomme (2)



August 5th: Holly & Hayden (now Anjee) left!



Hayden & Holly (1)


Holly now lives at the cattery of Blue Moon with Mirjam Kessler, in Switzerland!


holly 6628


picture courtesy Mirjam Kessler

Anjee made a long trip and now lives in South Africa with Jenni, her husband and the 'A-team'! :-)


Anjee (3)


picture courtesy of Jenni



September 2012: my month birthday. Another year has gone, I'm soon turning twenty-... well, girls don't tell their age!


Bateau 032


On the lake, in Thonon-Les-Bains


Lovely week-end with my brother & sister, her BF and some friends



Sept. 7th: Happy Birthday, I'm 18 years old ;-)



September 19th - Galvin's heart condition has progressed (subaortic stenosis now combined with mitral dysplasia)


>> click *here* to read the article, he is now under cardiac medication and we will do the best so that his quality of life remains good!



Vinou 22092012 -1


Vinou, 18 months


October 13th: Kaila & Belle (now Bella) left the cattery! I took the train with them to Paris (where I met with my family)


Belle & Kaila in the train -2


In the train to Paris


Kaila lives at the Cattery "Og Island Snaëgerdi", near Limoges (France) with Fabienne Giner

Bella lives as a pet with Ingrid & Fred, near Bordeaux (France) with Aston (Farouk, a kitten bred by CoupineCéline in 2010) and maaany other cats!


Thank you Fabienne, Ingrid & Fred for taking great care of our princesses!!



October 30th: Gabrielle is a mother for the first time - litter of one boy, Balinesis Hakuna Matata aka Simba ♥


Gabrielle & Simba 17 11 2012 (1)


Mom & son (18 days old)




November 24th: Hellie & Pomme left and now live with Lucie & her family


Galak, Hellie, Pomme & Vinou (2)


Pomme & Hellie, one of their last pictures at home, here with the boys, Galak & Vinou


Pomme & moi

Popooooomme & Me
I miss her so much!





 Simba at 4 weeks old with my new stuffed toy, Pili... ♥




December 3rd: Kiddy is a mother for the fourth time - litter of one girl & four boys



Kiddy-s-fourth-litter 20121205 112144




December 18th: My little white wonder Simba was taken away from us at the age of 7 weeks...

>> click *HERE* to read his story



Simba 1m (1)


I miss you so much Darling... May you now RIP.



Christmas FB


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