Year 2013










YEAR 2013


January 8th: Hero & Galak were neutered and on Jan. 20th Hero left, he now lives in Geneva with a family of 5 (Claudine & Vincent, and their three lovely daughters + Charly, a 15-month old siamese boy)




From left to right: Vinou, Hero, Galak, Poppy and Woki



Lily 12 01 2013


After I got the flu (first time in my life) and a bronchitis, not looking that bad!!




January 17th: Kama's second litter is born, there are two OSH/OLH girls, Indy Anna (OSH/OLH? n) an Ivy League (OLH n25) after a pregnancy that lasted 70 days!



Kama and her (1-week old on that pic') daughters




January 24th or a normal evening at the cattery -- Cats & waffles ;-)





Vinou, Poppy, Woki & Galak


MIAM 20130124 221701


Nutella & Sugar Waffles - Homemade of course!

January 30th - Kiddy's kitten


Kittens (1)


February 10th - Têt (Vietnamese New Year) in Paris with my family

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With my brother and sister ♥♥








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