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Charles was the second kitten at birth and the first boy. During the first days, we called him "Violet" (Purple) and I also wrote down "Charles". Then we found it funny to name him Gray Charles, after the great American musician. Indeed in France in 2011 every cats and dogs must have a name beginning with the G letter. 


Charles is a little "knacky ball" for the moment, quite tiny compared to his seal-tortie sisters, but he's bigger than his brother Galvin. He's such a cutie with an adorable and cute little face. He's changed a lot since the beginning and we love his type very much. We believe he's a promising one, let's see how he'll develop!


He seems to be lilac-based, I've been told in UK he'd probably be a caramel... Anyway he's just soooo sweet!








17 weeks


Gray Charles, Fasty, Galenka

Gray Charles 002-copie-1















15 weeks (left: with Galenka & Fasty)





Gray Charles, soon 14 weeks (+ Grace, Gina and Kiddy)



3 months




9,5 weeks



















2 months







54 days old





6,5 weeks



Gray-Charles--3-.jpg   Gray-Charles--2--copie-1.jpg


                                    5,5 weeks








                                                                                                                                                                           5,5 weeks



 Gray-Charles--1-.jpg   Gray-Charles--2-.jpg


 30 days



Charles--2-.jpg  Charles (1)


3 weeks old





Sleeping Charles (15 days)





Gray-Charles-2-weeks.jpg  Gray-Charles.jpg


2 weeks



Violet_2.jpg Male 2


                             2 days                                                                                                                                     9 days



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