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You know there is always a kitten at birth who is smaller than the other ones and who seems a little bit more fragile, that makes you wanna cuddle it and wrap it with as much care and love that you can find inside of you, to help it grow up just as fine as its siblings? Well, that's Hadley in this litter! (in Gina's litter that special kitten was  Hellie).


I chose to name him Hadley Cooper because I kind of like Bradley Cooper and that I was starting to dry up and lack of imagination for a new H-name! Can you believe that I have had 20 kittens to name in 2012?! I hadn't expected nor planned a year ago that I would raise so many litters & kittens in 2012 but I did...


Hadley is different by all means by comparison with the other kittens.
First he is the only one to not be a seal or a seal tortie, he is a red kitten! By the way all kittens in this litter are solid ones, none of them got the tabby gene from Kiddy, that's a funny coincidence. And most of them (4 out of 5) got the male copy of the gender gene from their daddy ;-)
Then he is the tiniest of the litter (born at 68g) and even at 7 weeks, he hasn't yet caught up with the others. However he is not a skinny kitten, he is only a bit smaller!


I minister to him in a very loving way, at first I bottle-fed him very regularly because it is always difficult for a small kitten to struggle to survive and manage to get to the milk-bar!


Hadley is probably the most sensitive in this litter, he has something utterly sweet and soft, and cute. I love his little face. He reminds me all of my cats: he has a little bit of Flint, Pote, Harry and Simba :-) I like to see some of my previous cats in my kittens!


Hadley is available as a pet and is looking for a suitable and loving family!






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